Since we all do agree upon the fact that websites are important for businesses in the current digital age, we now need to discuss what exactly needs to be on the website to engage the visitors. The layouts, features and functions of a website vary depending on the type of industry. However, there are a certain set of widgets which you can have on a website irrespective of the type of industry your business falls into. And if you are working on a white label website builder, these widgets could come in really handy!

widgets that make a website more compelling!

Google Maps

It is the general tendency of people to trust businesses that have a physical location. When the location isn’t mentioned on the website, website visitors more or less switch to the next site. This has to do with the credibility factor. Listing your company address pinpoint on a Google maps widget and placing it on the website is only going to help build the credibility of your business. Using a private label website builder, you can add Google maps widget to your website in a few simple clicks.

Driving Navigations

This is a very complimentary feature to the Google Maps widget. This is just as equally important as the Google Maps widget. People who find your products/services interesting and want to visit your location directly will find this widget really useful. Instead of opening a separate search tab to check the directions to the company, you can do it much easily well within the website.

Google search

What if you could place a Google Search widget inside your website and change the colour of the widget as per your brand requirements? People who read through your content and looking to make searches will find this option extremely useful. It is small additions like this that make a website a lot more attractive and user-friendly for the website visitor.

Google Translate

This widget comes in of great use especially when you want to understand certain information much better in your preferred language. This helps website visitors understand the website information in a much better manner.

If you are a website builder reseller and looking for the best website builder for reseller platforms to meeting the website requirements of clients belonging to diverse business types, then these small additions in the form of widgets will surely come in handy. In the current digital age, it is easier to find website builders that offer plenty of themes and templates. But it is tough to find reseller website builder platforms that get the basics right. If you are to succeed in your reseller business, make sure you keep these points in mind before opting for the right website builder reseller platform.