According to the stats mentioned on the website of Mill for Business, there are over 1,518,207,412 websites in the world as of Jan-2019. Here is more exciting information for all of you people – there are approximately 380 new websites created every minute. This is a clear indication of the demand for a website among companies. The increased urge to build the online presence of a business starts with a website. It is therefore important for companies to come with a pretty attractive and functional website for their business. So, how do they get this done? This is where an effective white label website builder and an equally efficient website builder reseller get into action.

white label website builder - website statistics


Businesses looking to build their online presence wouldn’t settle down for a normal design. They would want something that edges the competition and at the same time provides the website the brand elements it demands. How can this situation be met? How can a website builder reseller help build such a website that exceeds the expectation of customers? Well, to start with, you will need to work with the best private label website builder. The modern-day reseller website builder platforms come with tons of themes, templates, designs, customisations and goodies that help resellers create any website their customer demands.

As a website building reseller, you wouldn’t be catering to the needs of a specific set of website requirements. Different companies belonging to different industries will have a different set of expectations. They will want each one of their pages designed in a unique manner which many website builders don’t let you do. So, you need to make sure you pick a website builder that lets you work with custom page layouts. Say, for example, you want the homepage in one style and the services page in another layout, you can do exactly that using a modern-day website builder like SiteGalore. 

Social Media profiles are one other way to boost the online presence of a business. If you are working on a website builder platform like SiteGalore, you can link all of your social media profiles on your website using suitable icons. The icons can be customised in terms of colours to match your brand tone. One other key area of concern faced by businesses is lead generation. Even though online marketing activities can generate traffic to your website, you need to make sure that it converts into enquiries. This is where the ability to add forms on the website comes in handy. The fields of the form can be customised as per the needs of the customer.

To make your website more attractive, it is important to add elements that complement the user experience. This is where goodies provided by modern-day website builders can mean a lot. The ability to add widgets like Google Search, Google News, Google Maps and Driving Navigations can come of great use. At the end of the day, if you want to exceed the expectations of your clients when it comes to website building, you need to pick a competent white label website builder and this is what is going to help you in the long run.