SiteGalore, Most Comprehensive White Label Website Builder Since 2001, announced today that they have enhanced the E-Commerce Store of their Highly Successful Online Reseller Websites Building Service with improved functionality. Further the websites made using SiteGalore White Label Website Builder are totally Mobile Responsive. This gives all SiteGalore generated websites an improved E-Commerce functionality on every device, from smart phones to tablets to desktops.

“This Year, the Retail E-commerce Sales across the world Will go past $2 Trillion, says an estimate. And the sales will touch $4 trillion by 2020 with a continued Double-digit growth.” said SiteGalore’s CEO Sathyanarayanan. “With the continued rise of worldwide Retail E-commerce Sales, a Mobile Responsive Website Builder with improved E-Commerce functionality makes better sense. This step is to provide SiteGalore users with even better ability in integrating an E-Commerce Store to their Websites.”

Sales of products and services (excluding restaurant, travel and event ticket sales) ordered through the internet on any device are included as Retail sales of eCommerce items. The estimate for total retail sales includes sales across all retail channels in it. Apart from sales by gas stations & by motor vehicle and parts dealers and sales from ecommerce retailers, it also includes transactions that happens over consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platforms such as auction sites including eBay.

The Forecast further says “This year, the US and China together will account for $1.584 trillion in eCommerce sales, accounting for 69.1% of global eCommerce. In the UK, Germany and US at least one third of total eCommerce sale will be comprised by mcommerce. Compared to 59.0% in South Korea, in both India and China, more than 70% of eCommerce sales will be represented by Mobile commerce.

With the expected sales of $1 trillion this year and $2.725 trillion by 2020, Asia-Pacific will continue to be the largest retail eCommerce market in the world. It will also see the maximum rise in retail eCommerce sales, climbing 31.5% this year. The main reasons to fuel eCommerce growth in the region will be, apart from improving logistics and infrastructure, Greater mobiles, expanding middle classes, internet penetration and growing competition of eCommerce players.

North America region will also remain as the second largest regional eCommerce market in the world. Retail eCommerce Sales will grow 15.6% this year to reach $423.34 billion. Pushed by increased spending from existing buyers of digital products, expansion into additional categories such as grocery, and growing mcommerce sales, the region will see consistent double-digit growth beyond 2020.”

New clients of SiteGalore’s Highly Successful Online Reseller Websites Building Service will straightaway start offering the improved functionality to their users. Existing clients also can easily add improved E-Commerce Store functionality to their exisitng Service.

With the latest release of White Label Website Builder Application, SiteGalore continues its innovation since 2001. SiteGalore’s Android & iOS mobile apps let users build and edit a complete website with E-Commerce Store functionality on-the-go. SiteGalore’s Highly Successful Online Reseller Websites Building Service lets users build and edit a complete website with E-Commerce Store functionality even without mobile apps, no matter which device they are using and where they are.