There is a debate going about in recent times among marketing and corporate communications professionals as to what is more important and engaging – LinkedIn or Website. Is it the LinkedIn page or your company website that attracts more business opportunities? Let’s do a brief comparison and get clarity on the same. The major factors that need to be considered before taking sides are:


Which is the platform that provides a company with its true identity? A social media savvy person would pick LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms against a website. But in reality, a company website is very important. Whenever we hear about a product or a service or the company itself, we would like to know what the brand is about, what other things they offer and where they are located. These details are clearly illustrated in a website. LinkedIn is an exclusive B2B business platform but just like any other social media platform, it too serves the supporting role. Social media platforms are meant to support the website in achieving company goals.

Hub of Information

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals interact with one another to build a mutually beneficial business relationship. A website is where you get entire information about the company. You got the services section, client list, the about us, case studies, contact information, blog section and so on. LinkedIn is a platform where you get to know recent updates about the company in the form of posts.


With Google Adwords, your website can be made visible to the right target at the right time. It is cost-efficient and also effective. LinkedIn also has the ability to run Ads but just to targeted business professionals. A Google Ad campaign can help businesses cater to the B2B and B2C needs to companies. 


Google Analytics helps a business analyse its website on various parameters. What page drives more engagement and more page has contributed to the bounce rate can all be tracked. LinkedIn too has analytics but falls short on the clarity and detailing that Google Analytics offers the businesses. 

Building a website using a white label website builder comes in as a handy option. A website builder reseller can build a website for his/her customer within a shorter time frame. But make sure you pick the right website builder for reseller. The best website builder reseller program is the one that offers multiple features, goodies such as Google Adwords & Google Analytics integration, and extensive customisation options. Even though LinkedIn has grown to be an effective social media platform for B2B marketing, it still plays a supporting role when put side-by-side to a website.