A homepage serves as the welcome page for anyone visiting your website. While the main purpose of any website is to display relevant content in an attractive way so as to encourage business inquiries, the homepage is the most important page to get the website visitor invested in your site. Engaging the visitors as well as getting them to take suitable actions that will convert them into a lead would be the ultimate motive of a website. 

If you are a website builder reseller, the following checkpoints that we are about to mention will come in really handy to designing the perfect homepage for your clients.

Define the direction 

Just like how each and every business has a purpose, it is important for the website to also have a purpose. Having an attractive design alone cannot get the website visitors invested in a business. It needs to have a purpose and direction towards it. Say, for example, if your client is running a digital marketing agency, you need to define how their homepage will be and how it will be linked with other pages of their website. You need to find out a way to list the talking points of their digital marketing business and link to the dedicated pages created for their different services. You need to get the audience interested in your services and get them to explore the other pages of the website.

Get your differentiating points highlighted

If your client is offering his services at very competitive pricing or his results in a particular industry type has proved so successful, make sure you display those points in a very attractive manner on the homepage. 

Relevant content for the relevant audience

Make sure the language and choice of words match the target market. Only if the target audience is able to resonate well with your value proposition, they will be willing to reach out to you. In the case of a digital marketing agency, the use of words like PPC, ad campaigns, SEO results, and Brand engagement are terms that can be used to have an instant connection with the target audience rather than using more common terms like increase in profits or business opportunities.

Be the solution provider

Most businesses are keen on posing questions to the target market – Do you want to build an effective brand? Do you want to increase your ROI by 10%? Do you want to multiply your leads by 50%? But, these questions are already on the minds of the customer, and the website, especially the homepage, needs to have answers for this. A proper CTA button linked to the answer will develop an interest in the minds of the website visitors.

Showcase your social presence

Nowadays, people are more interested in the social presence of a business. They are keen on what they post on social platforms and their sense of creativity. So, make sure you mention the links to all the social handles on the homepage, or on all pages. This will helps website visitors check your social presence, which eventually has a positive impact on the online presence of your business. Before you even go into the above-mentioned steps, it is important that you get an effective white label website builder platform to work on. A private label website builder with all the features and customization options should be the ideal way to go about this entire process of website building. Hope you work on the best website builder for reseller platforms and make use of the above-mentioned pointers to provide maximum value to your clients.