If you are running an ad campaign on Facebook or Google, there is no point in diverting the clicks to your blog page or contact us page. A landing page with the right relevant information can provide your clients with the right results. But, how do you design it? If you are working on a white label website builder, what kind of features do you require to build an attractive and fully functional landing page? We will help you find answers to all the questions. But, before that, we need to understand what a landing page means and what purpose it serves.

The content

A landing page is a single page on a website designed specifically to get traffic when any ad campaigns are clicked. Most businesses set the landing page as the home page or contact us page of the website. But, this won’t serve any good unless and until it resonates well with the ad content. When companies sell more than one product or service which are different from one another, it is important to have a landing page specific to that offering. When the click is diverted towards a generic page or content that isn’t relevant, it can affect the engagement considerably.

Being easily understandable

The content on the landing page should be easily viewable and understandable. However, effective your content is, if it isn’t presented in the right way, your ad spend is going to go in vain. So, make sure you use templates that find the right balance between images and text. 

Mobile-friendly page

A landing page should be viewable on any device and browser. In the age of smartphones, it is important that you make sure your website and your landing page are mobile-friendly. Also, make sure your page loads instantly. In the digital era, patience has become a rare trait, and people aren’t to be blamed. With fast internet speeds and high-tech smartphones available, your need to make sure that all your web pages load instantly. Or else, your competitors are going to grab onto your opportunities.

Add Testimonials

The opinions of your client’s customers matters when it comes to decision making. It increases the credibility of the business. So, make sure you add a testimonials or reviews section on the landing page.

Collect Details the right way

The main aim of a landing page is to engage the visitors and also make sure they make an enquiry showing interest in the offerings. So, how do you collect information?

A contact form that lets interested visitors drop in their contact details would be the right way to go. Your client can then gather these details and reach out to them, which can then result in possible sales. Let the form include the right questions and appear in an easily readable look. Ensure you have a perfect call to action button to get the desired response from the website visitor.

Connecting Social pages

Include links to all the social media pages in which your client is active. This will let the website viewers check on the social presence of the business. 

Picking the right private label website builder is key to building the perfect website and landing page for any business. If you are a website builder reseller, make sure you make a wise choice. The website builder for the reseller platform you pick is what is going to help you build effective websites and be the differentiating factor between you and your competitors.