The main concern that most website developers face is that the client asks for changes to be made on the website after it’s designed. How does this issue usually arise? Also, can these changes be made to the site? If you are a professional working on a white label website builder, you should be aware that you are limited to the options available on the private label website builder. If the website builder lets you make changes to the site as per the client demands, then it is fine. Else, you are going to be in a really critical situation. So, how do you avoid this situation?

Asking clear questions and understanding what the client wants is important. Want tips? Here is what you need to ask!

What is their business all about? What are they trying to sell?

The first step towards building a great website is to understand what your client’s business is. Ask questions that give you answers for the following questions – what they do, their business goals, what they are trying to sell – is it a product or service, their target audience, and their unique selling points. 

Why do they need a website?

Different businesses require a website for different purposes. Some might need it just for the sake of having it. But, on a general note, most businesses would need a website to build their online presence and generate business opportunities via them. Understanding why your client needs a website is important in defining how the website needs to look like. A website without a purpose will serve no good.

Who is your target audience?

Get to know the demographics, age, gender and lifestyle of your client’s target audience. The website design and colour scheme that you pick should resonate well with the target audience. This is something that you need to pay close attention to. 

What actions do you want your website visitors to do on your site?

This question is an extension of the second question – why do they need a website. When a person visits your website, you will want him to perform the desired set of actions that will match your business needs. It can be form fill or reaching out to you via call, mail or message or any other option. It is important to know what your client is trying to accomplish with this website and design the site accordingly.

Tell us about your competitors

Use competitor sites as a reference and design the website in a really different and attractive manner. A competitor site can teach you what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. Use those inputs as a reference to come up with a website that differs from the competition and feels entirely new.Once you have all the above questions answered, you will get better clarity on what needs to be done. Moreover, you will need to know what your website builder for reseller platform can offer. Based on the requirements gathered and the capabilities of the website builder, you can promise the client the deliverables. Do not give promises to the client that are far out of reach of the website builder. So, make sure you pick a website builder reseller platform that provides a huge repository of design templates and customization options to give you more control over the website design process.