There is no doubt that the modern-day website builders have plenty of themes, templates and features that could cater to the needs of any company. However, it is the range of useful features and customisation options that make a website builder handy. When a website builder reseller looks for a white label website builder, he/she looks for an easy to use a platform to meet the needs of their clients. However, a private label website builder isn’t able to provide that ease of use factor even though it has tons of themes and templates.

One key issue with the modern-day reseller website builder is that the themes and templates available are attractive but not SEO-friendly. Google recognises SEO-friendly websites and rewards them with higher search rankings. The main reason why resellers prefer working with a website builder platform is that they got the SEO factors already done. The reseller just needs to pick the template relevant to their business, fill in with the content and the website is ready to go.

SiteGalore has taken this one step further. With predefined text and image layouts, you can insert content in whichever place you want and in whatever form you want. You even get access to model content for each and every page. For example, you can fill the contact us page with the pre-existing content available and then make tweaks to it to match your business needs. 

Forms play a crucial role in getting leads to your business. In this platform, you get several form layouts to work with. You can include them in the desired location. Say, for example, you want to include a form in the middle of a blog asking them to subscribe, you can do it. In addition to this, you can create photo galleries on your website. The photo gallery layouts provide you with different ways in which pictures can be listed on the website. Connect the social media profiles of a company along with the website with the help of pre-defined social media layouts. Different sections are provided within the website which helps you do put up promotional content and list client testimonials.

Make sure you pick the modern-day website builder reseller platform that comes with multiple features, SEO-friendly themes, customisation options and an easy-to-use and set up website builder. Only such kind of a platform will help a reseller build websites for a wide range of businesses and within a limited time frame.