A decade back there weren’t many options to build a website. Any company willing to build a website had to rely entirely on programming and coding languages. Even though website builders were available a decade ago, they weren’t as advanced as what we get today. In the current digital era, an advanced website can be built effectively using a feature-packed white label website builder. Here is a list of features found in the modern-day private label website builder that help in building websites of any kind:

Pre-Designed Layouts

The prime advantage of using a reseller website builder is that they have a huge repository of themes and templates that cater to the needs of diverse clients. In an advanced website builder, you get several pre-defined layouts for text, images, forms and photo gallery. All you have to do is pick the layout that best suits your website needs and fills it with the needed content. Be it banners or testimonials, you got layouts for each and everything. 

Personalising Layouts

In addition to providing pre-defined layouts for the website builder reseller, the website builder also offers the option to personalise the layout. You can change the background image with an image of your choice, change the colour and even add animations to the layouts. You can also move the layout to the desired position by dragging them.

Integrating Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms of a company should be well in sync with the business website. In the current social media-driven age, customers are more keen about the social presence of a business. Since social media helps cut short the distance between a business and its customers, it would be wise enough to add social media icons on the website. A website builder for reseller offers different ways of adding social media icons to the website. This helps a company link all their social media accounts to the website and website visitors can easily access the social media pages of the company.

Adding Photo Gallery

Images are easily the best way to communicate information to the target audience. If you are working with an advanced website builder, you get the option to add a photo gallery at your desired position. When explaining about a product or service, adding explanatory images can be highly useful. 

With the advanced features, customisation options and goodies available in a website builder like SiteGalore, any type of website can be built in an effective manner.