Websites are important for any type of business. Be it a startup company or a large enterprise, the influence that a website has over the customers and online web users areUsability enormous. You might be planning to start a website or already own a website. Whatever may be the case, here are a few critical features need to be adopted by your website:


A user should seamlessly be able to browse through the website. They should be provided with a website platform that lets them find the information that they seek. The website should be well-optimised for use across all platforms and browsers because you never really know where your customers would come from.

Communicate the purpose of the website within few seconds

The objective of each and every business is different. Likewise, the objectives of different websites also follow suit. For example, an e-commerce website should be able to communicate to its website visitors the basic purpose of its existence. Having banners right on the homepage is a wise way of communicating the key offerings and happenings of your business.

Easy Navigation

Most of us visit a website with a particular goal. For example, you visit an online mobile store to check on the several models available and to run comparisons between the several models available. The website should be designed in such a manner that it guides any type of visitor to the desired destination page.

Fast Loading Speed

We live in the digital age where anything and everything is desired to be received instantly. Information also falls on similar lines. If a company’s website takes lots of time to load, it simply means that they are losing prospects. A website visitor immediately switches to a competitor site when the information he/she seeks isn’t provided instantly.

Scope for Conversion

A website should provide visitors with different ways through which they can be converted into a client. Adding forms, key contact information and perfect call-to-action buttons are a few to name. Adding Google Maps location of the company on the website can be a handy option. 

Content-Rich Website

A company should ideally have a content-rich website so that website visitors spend more time on the website and get influenced by the online presence. Be it images, videos or words, content is what makes each and every website unique. The modern-day white label website builder comes with an inbuilt image editor which makes image editing pretty simple. There are lots of other features and customizability options that make a private label website builder the ideal choice for website building. If you are a website builder reseller on the watch for the best website builder reseller program, make sure you take a note of all the above-mentioned critical features.