Why SiteGalore - SiteGalore


SiteBuilder´s all-inclusive feature packs offer significant benefits and tremendous value to every one of our website customers. The following are some of the key features of SiteBuilder.

  • Easiest to Use Site Builder

    We have the most easiest website builder on the planet. Everything is step by step and wizard based. You simply cannot make a mistake with our site builder even if you tried. Absolutely no technical knowledge, skill or experience is required.

  • Mobile Friendly Websites, Works seamlessly across all devices

    Websites created using SiteGalore looks amazing on any device. Our new set of templates allows users to create websites that looks beautiful across wide range of devices (from Laptops to mobile phones) and browsers automatically. Users can now preview websites with different mobile devices

  • Completely Customizable templates

    Completely customize the templates with full image control and logo upload. Enrich the visual elements of a site. Upload multiple main images, add a logo, sort images in any order, create an image carousel/slider. New set of templates comes integrated with Nice looking Text fonts in Main title, Sub title, Main Images and Navigation links to suit the design templates with the ability to change fonts. Users can now select from multiple ready-made color schemes for the website.

  • Wide range and Depth of Functionalities

    We offer a wide range of functionalities for you to choose from to build your feature-rich website. But it's the sheer depth of functionalities, and not just the number that enables our customers to create a meaningful online presence for their business. The depth-of-functionalities available in our website builder is not available in any other online website building tool in the market today.

  • Fully Browser based

    You can start editing right from your browser, there is absolutely no software to download or install. If you can browse, you can build.

  • Professional Design Output

    With our feature-rich website builder, even non-technical users can build websites that are comparable to those designed by professional web design companies. We offer over 1000+ high-quality designs for you to choose from. Have a sneak preview of our Design Gallery.

  • One - Stop Shop

    Stop running around. We offer a one stop solution for all your website requirements starting from web design, hosting, domain name, online marketing, backups, maintenance, etc.

  • With you as you grow

    Our 10+ years of understanding of Internet and our undiluted focus on web design and related technologies enables us to support and nurture your online presence as it grows - now and in the future.

  • Market Proven

    We have experience with over 600,000 websites worldwide.

  • 24 Hour Support

    24-hour FREE support is available through Email.

  • 99.99% uptime Guarantee

    You get the same trusted hosting technology that supports large corporate websites with a 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Award-winning Web Design Process

    Award-winning proprietary web design process ensures that our customers are always ahead of their competition.

  • Outstanding Security Features

    Your website is always backed up and ready for re-publish in the case of emergencies. Advanced anti-spam and virus software helps protect your email.

  • Attractive Features that Value to your website

    Sitebuilder has a long list of features that adds tremendous value to your website, such as Creating customized form pages, Create a customized Flash intro animation, Create a complete photo album online, Perform photo retouching & editing operations with the image editor etc.

  • Sell Online by Creating an e-commerce store

    SiteBuilder's Ecommerce pack helps you create, display and sell a range of products from your website. With Shop Wizard, you can quickly list your products and pricing on the shop pages of your website along with images and detailed description. And it only gets better with a seamlessly integrated payment gateway for receiving online credit card payment.

    New Shop feature enables you to add new pages that shows the product summary, with multiple image support for each product with Image zoom functionality, improved product summary and checkout page.

  • Attractive Cool features to Jazz up your website

    You can add powerful and attractive features to jazz up your website. These include Tell a Friend, Hit Counter, Current Date & Time Stamp, Google AdSense, Calendar, Google Search, Yahoo Presence, Language Translation, Date and Time Stamps, Animated cursors, Guest Book, Spell Checker etc.

    • Your own brand & domain name. No mention of SiteGalore
    • Easy, but all powerful admin control panel to manage users
    • APIs available for tight integration with your existing services
    • Set your own pricing & user packs
    • Available in 7 languages
    • We rollout your service in 24 hours

  • Full Private Branding

    Offer the powerful SiteGalore website building service in your own brand and from your own domain/URL. There will be no mention of SiteGalore in the site builder or on published websites.

  • Go live in just 24 hours!

    We rollout your private branded service in just 24 hours, freeing your mind to focus on the marketing and client acquisition. Over these years our experienced team follows a well laid out and proven process to successfully to rolled out the private branded service for many clients. So you are in safe hand with us.

  • Tight Integration

    Integrate SiteGalore as part of your website and also your existing systems like user provisioning systems, billing systems, hosting or domain control panels, etc. SiteGalore offers a wide range of simple HTTP and HTTPS based APIs that make this integration quick and easy (Our hand holding team will help you set it up).

  • Feature Packaging & Customization

    It is possible for you pick and choose the features you want to offer your customers. You can also create convenient Packs (like Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc.) with different sets of features and priced differently to target multiple user segments (Our hand holding team will help you set it up).

  • Complete Control Over Customers

    Not only do you decide the pricing for your customers, you also control exactly where your customer websites are hosted as well. In fact, you can completely hide the site publishing options from your users if you wanted to. You can also activate or deactivate users at any time.

  • Flexible Trial Periods

    SiteGalore enables you to offer a free trial to help your customers evaluate your site building service before they buy. You can choose to run the trial for 1 to 30 days or even disable trial(Our hand holding team will help you set it up).

  • Online Admin Control Panel

    SiteGalore offers a powerful Admin Control Panel that allows you to completely manage all aspects of your site building service quickly and easily. The entire control panel is online and can be accessed from wherever you are. You can at anytime view all the users who have signed up under you and also directly login to any user account to troubleshoot without knowing the password (Our hand holding team familiarize you on the simple yet powerful control panel).

  • Fully Customizable Auto-Emailing

    SiteGalore offers a fully-integrated auto-emailing engine that allows you to customize and send routine emails that go out of the application. Such as welcome email on sign up, username & password confirmation email, trial expiry email, etc. You can also set the event that would trigger these emails as well (Our hand holding team will help you set it up).

  • Full Automation

    SiteGalore allows you to fully automate the sign up, account creation, activation and publish settings for your customers. This saves you significant time and effort.

  • Receive Payments from Customers

    Integrated payment gateways like Paypal allow you to receive online payments from customers.

  • Multi-Language Support

    SiteGalore enables your customers to use the site building tool in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Chinese.

  • Product Roadmap

    SiteGalore offers feature upgrades, version updates, patches, etc at periodic intervals ensuring that your service is upto date and stands out in the market place.

  • 24x7 Online Support

    SiteGalore offers 24x7 ticketed online help desk support. There are no limits on the number of support queries either.

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