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Testimonial quotes
  • SiteGalore offers the greatest ease of use, flexibility of installation and integration, a wide range of in-depth features and above all a passionate technical team that is driven by quality and customer satisfaction. We were particularly impressed with way they bent their backs to accommodate an almost impossible deadline that we gave them . their speed of localization and implementation was nothing short of spectacular . we got set up in a matter of days rather than weeks.

    Renato Weiner, CTO
    - UOL HOST (UOL inc, webhosting branch)

  • With this new version, SiteGalore has achieved a rare combination of in-depth features, extreme ease of use, intuitiveness and absolute freedom & flexibility for the user. Moreover, if you judge website builders based purely on the quality of websites they can create, then SiteGalore has to be right on top

    Abby Hardoon, CEO
    & Founder of Daily Internet Plc.

  • SiteGalore was just perfect in keeping all of our partnering customers moving forward towards a more value-add driven market place. Customers have been very responsive to the product as we continue to market and roll out the product across the entire state.

    Terisa Enstad, the General Manager
    of the South Dakota based Internet service provider.

  • SiteGalore fits well into our twin strategies of customer focus and value-driven approach. SiteGalore’s understanding of the small business user is exceptional, it uses extremely simple and easy to use web site building steps along with some outstanding features that are simply not there in other site building tools

    Gary Chon, VP Business Development
    for Omnis

  • Small and medium-sized businesses are the biggest contributors to our bottom-line. We therefore want to win them and keep them for life. Akmin’s SiteGalore helps us do exactly that. The best part is we are able to offer the website builder in multiple languages and multiple brands with just a single installation of SiteGalore on our servers, which dramatically reduces our overall costs including maintenance and support.

    Jonas Dhaenens, CEO
    of COMBELL Group

  • SiteGalore met our requirements of usability, robust feature set, and most importantly a wholesale focus.

    Kim Phelan, Product Manager,

  • So simple for users to create a unique website design that looks as good as the one created by a professional web designer.

    Tem Balanco, President & CEO,
    OneWebHosting Inc.

  • Based purely on the quality of websites that they create, SiteGalore is right on top.

    Abby Hardoon, CEO & Founder,
    Daily Internet Plc.

  • After evaluating many competing website creation tools, we chose SiteGalore for its unparalleled features, professional design templates and easy to use wizards that substantially reduce the time taken for our customers to create their websites.

    Jaap Zuidervels, General Manager,
    Active 24, Central Europe

  • A truly revolutionary service poised to change the way we all use the mobile internet.

    Michael J. O´Farell,
    Co-Author of Mobile Internet for Dummies


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Sitegalore is Private Branded White lablel Mobile Compatible Website Builder available in more than 10 languages. SiteGalore comes from Akmin, a leading provider of software for service providers since 1998 and currently serves over 5 million users world wide.

SiteGalore is the global leader in do-it-yourself website building solutions for service providers. Launched in 2001, SiteGalore soon became the most preferred site building tool for over 1200+ service providers across 45 countries to offer private branded online website building and publishing services to their users who predominantly consisted of small businesses. Some of our clients include Airtel, Aruba, Forpsi, Fasthosts, Meb, Netregistry, Omnis etc.


  • Websites created using SiteGalore looks amazing on any device like PCs & Laptops, Mobile, Tablets etc
  • Offer it in Your own brand & domain name.
  • Set your own pricing, user packs and Payments
  • Very little technical knowledge or management required
  • Large services providers offer this as VAS.
  • Easily Integrate with your existing system using our APIs
  • Offer it as DIY service or build it for your clients.
  • Build, Edit and Publish your Website Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device
  • Powerful Admin Control Panel to Manage Your End Users.
  • Start offering this service within 48 hours


Do-It-Yourself Powerful Site Builder

Quickly Build Websites in minutes. No coding required

Professional Mobile friendly Designs

Newly added trendy responsive designs. Looks good on all devices including mobile.

In-depth features adds value to the site

Value adding features to create a meaningful online presence

Industry-wise Ready-made content

Build your website content quickly by selecting industry wise Ready made content created by professional copywriters.


Fully customize the website by enriching all visual elements of the site.


One-stop solution that includes all the tools that is needed to succeed online