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Starting from as low as $99, SiteGalore offers a wide range of flexible pricing models (user-based, license based, software-as-a-service, pay-as-you-go, profit sharing, etc) to meet your unique business requirements, whether you are a one-man set up with a few users or a large service provider with hundreds of thousands of users.

Please take a few moments to fill up this brief pricing request to help us get back to you with the pricing model(s) that will best fit your business requirements.

On receiving your request, one of our Sales Managers will get in touch with you to understand your requirement and also provide you with a free Reseller account details to help you fully evaluate our Website Builder, Admin Control panel and our Powerfull APIs.

He will also help you to completely Private Brand the Website Builder with your domain, your Pricing, your Packaging etc and offer the service in your own brand. We can have your account set up and Live within 24 hrs.

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